About us

Eternal Technology Corporation is one of the production sites which belonged to Precision Coating Division of Eternal Group. It mainly operated to produce the products of Dry Film Photoresist. Dry film photoresist is the key component used in the image transfer process. It is widely used in precision etching and electroplating products such as Printed Circuit Board (including Rigid board, Flexible board, Rigid/Flexible composite board, and HDI), Lead Frame, IC Substrates, IC packaging, etc. With strong in-house R&D capabilities, we are able to design and develop dry film products to specifically match our customers' requirements for various processes such as Chemical Milling, Electroforming, etc. Besides, this site is also designed to the purpose of mass production for the customers for toll coating services.


1800 Touchstone Road, Colonial Heights, Virginia 23834 U.S.A
TEL:+1-804-524-8555 / 524-8557