Research Center of Advanced Precision Coating of Eternal

In our Research Center of Advanced Precision Coating, we have 8 coating lines for mass production and 2 pilot coating lines for trial run.

Cleanness of Coating Booth : Class 100/ Class 1000
Substrate : PET Film、Release Film、Copper Foil、Aluminum Foil

Coating Capabilities

Substrate Thickness : 12~250 micrometer
Substrate Widths : 300~1900 mm
Lacquer : Solvent, Aqueous
Viscosity : 1~20,000 cps
Vacuum Degassing System is available Available

Coaters: Slot Die, Reverse Roll, Fine Kiss Gravure, Comma Coater, Closed Edge Die, Multilayer Coater...

To minimize the risk of scratch, floating dryer is adopted.
Drying Length:8~60 Meter
Drying Temperature:200℃ Max.
UV / Thermal Curing Available

Coating Experiences of Eternal

Industry Coating Experiences of Eternal
PCB Industry
  • DFR, Dry Film Photoresist
  • DFSM, Dry Film Solder Mask
  • FCCL, Flexible Copper Clad Laminate
  • RCC, Resin Coated Copper
  • Lubricant Drilling Entry Sheet
  • Insulation Film for IC Substrate
Touch Panel
  • Diffusion Film
  • Hardcoat Film
  • OCA, Optical Clear Adhesive Film
  • ASF, Anti-Shatter Film
  • ACF, Anisotopic Conductive Film
  • BEF, Brightness Enhancement Film
  • Reflective Film
  • Protection Film
  • Nano Ag Wire Transparent Conductive Film
  • Carbon Nano Tube Transparent Conductive Film
  • Transparent Conductive Polymer Film
  • Backsheet for Photo Volatic
  • PSPI, Photosensitive Polyimide Film
  • Blood Glucose Test Strip

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